Why are we MOVING to the LEANSQUAD App?

The LEANSQUAD App has been in the works for a while now, and we have created it FOR YOU, our Squadie community.

One of our foundational pillars is to provide our Squadie community with the BEST: The BEST workouts, BEST meals, the BEST community and ultimately the BEST experience. We know that the LEANSQUAD App is going to enhance your lean journey and allow you to make lean living a part of your daily life.

We want you to have access to not only challenge that you are on, but also all the challenges that you have completed.

We want you to have access to our unique On-Demand content so that you have flexibility and choice every time you log into the App.

We want every Squadie to have access to our tasty meals with their personalized macronutrient break down and proper portion sizes.

We want you to have the ability to connect with other Squadies, the Lean Team and Phil so that you can ask any questions that you might have.

We want you to be able to track your progress, celebrate your success and stay motivated each and every day.

We want this App to be YOURS, and as personalized to YOU as possible.

We want your lean journey to become a part of your life, and something that can be your daily motivation, inspiration and support system on the good days, but most importantly the tough days!

We are SO excited to deliver you the LEANSQUAD App, and cannot WAIT to see how it is going to help continue to transform your life!

I just started a challenge, how will that work with the App?

Amazing! The process will be super easy.

1. You will receive an email to sign in with the current email you are registered with for you current challenge.

2. You will simply input that email into the Log In screen and create your own password.

3. You will then be automatically be inputted in your current day of your existing challenge.

4. You will STILL receive your daily workout emails as per usual until the conclusion of your challenge at which point you will transition to the LEANSQUAD App full time

Returning Squadie App Pricing

We are so excited to release the LEANSQUAD App and provide you with a heightened experience for your lean journey!

When you sign up for the App, you will not only receive access to your current challenge, but you will also have the option to try our all of our On Demand, as well as all the meals in our Fuel section (customized to YOU based off of your body measurements) as well as our Squads chat to stay in touch with fellow Squadies and the Lean Team!

Finally, when you're completed a challenge, you can sign up for ANY LEANSQUAD challenge you'd like and start WHENEVER it suits you!

The best news... it's all for a LOWER PRICE:

Monthly: $29.99 USD

Annual: $239.99 USD ($20/month) ON SALE for $199.99 ($17/month)

Will I get access to all the Challenges?

Yes! When you sign up for the App, you will have access to ALL LEANSQUAD challenges.

You can start a challenge whenever you choose and "favourite" your most liked workouts so that you can do them again on your own time!

What will happen with the Daily Workout Emails?

You will continue to receive your daily workout emails until the conclusion of your current challenge.

If you choose to schedule your workouts within the App, you will receive push notifications prior to your scheduled workouts time to ensure that you are staying on track, accountable and motivated.

Do I have to start a new Challenge when I join the App?


1. If you are currently in a challenge, you will automatically be placed on your current day of the challenge

2. But, if you'd to start your challenge over, you are completely welcome too!

How do I log into the App

We will be sending out an email (and posting the messages in Slack) with specific instructions on how to log into the App.

If you CLICK HERE you can use your current email (which you used to sign up for your challenge) to sign into the App. From there you will be put into the correct day of your existing challenge.

What if I don't have an Apple Device?

No problem! We have a web based application that you can log into from any Android device or your computer and access all the functionalities of the LEANSQUAD App other than the Squads chat!

Will I still be able to access the videos via YouTube or will everything be done through the App?

Yes, until the end of your current challenge.

Once you sign up for the App, we will port you over in the current place in your challenge so that you can access all your challenge workouts directly from the LEANSQUAD App.However, you will still receive your daily workout email and YouTube link until the end of your current challenge.

The LEANSQUAD App will have casting functionality just like the YouTube Links so that you can cast your workouts to any smart TV, ChromeCast device, or Apple TV. We also have a Web Application which has been specially built to serve those Squadies who love watching the workouts on their computer!

Will we still access the LEANSQUAD community through the Slack Channel?

Yes! We have our "Squads" chat within the App. This community will function very similarly to Slack and it will be the hub for all communication between Squadies and you will have full access to the LeanTeam!

Will the app have LEANSQUAD Recipes included?

Yes! When you sign up for the App, you are not only getting access to ALL our challenges, but you are also getting personalized meals for your body!

When you input your body measurements into the App, it will breakdown each meal so that the portion sizes and macronutrient breakdown is appropriate for YOU and YOUR body type!

We will have Meat Eaters & Vegetarian options with additional Gluten Free, and Dairy Free substitutions!

We will also be releasing new recipes every month!

If you have another addition question, please Email us at Info@lean_squad.com