30 Day Quaranlean Challenge

FOLLOW ALONG and Transform your mental & physical health over the next 30 days! We will push, and motivate one another because we will be doing this challenge together... Every single lean step of the way!

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30 Min Follow Along Workouts *no equipment*
FOLLOW ME through the most energizing & rewarding workouts each and every day. ONLY 30 MIN 5x NEW WORKOUTS & 2x RECOVERY/ MOBILITY sessions PER WEEK!

Exclusive Recipes
NO CRASH DIETS OR BORING FOOD! When you sign up you will get some of my best, healthiest & tastiest recipes to keep your body burning and your taste buds happy!

Text Support & Community
Stay motivated, accountable & engaged with our private TEXT group chat throughout the challenge!



In 30 minutes, you can transform not only your body but most importantly your energy levels, mood, confidence and happiness during this difficult time!

Everything I do is designed to TRANSFORM YOU both mentally and physically. Now more than ever, it is CRITICAL that we prioritize our own well being!

I will give you every single ounce of my energy each and every session to ensure you leave feeling less stressed, happier and more motivated!

30 Min Workouts

Each day you will receive a private link via email with a brand new workout or recovery session to do alongside me. They will range in length from 10-35 minutes depending on the day. The links will remain LIVE for 48hrs so it doesn't matter where you are in the world you will be able to get it done and follow along!

Text Support

We will be using a private chat group (using a free app called Slack) to motivate one another over the course of the 30 days. I will be in the group chat with you providing motivation, tips, tricks and answering and questions you have!


You don't need a gym membership or fancy equipment to get results. Instead, all you need is the right plan, the right type of training and some commitment!

Whether you are a Beginner or Workout pro, these workouts will CHALLENGE you and help achieve your goals! You can take it at your OWN pace and all I ask is that you do is your best!

My goal is to MOTIVATE YOU!

My goal is to not only get you the best results but to also empower you, motivate you and inspire you to challenge yourself alongside me throughout the entire 30 days during this challenging time. I promise you, if you join me, the motivation will not stop! I will be holding your hand every single step of the way!

5x Follow Along Workouts ● Only 30 MinutesΒ  ● Incredible Recipes



"Been working mostly nights (probably since February 12hr shifts) and after todays workout I feel super energized, and it’s been a while (better sleep, better moods). Loving the motivation in the group and during the workouts looking forward to recovery tomorrow! Hope everyone enjoys the sunshine today!!!"

About Me.

My name is Phil Mackenzie and I am a former professional athlete turned founder of LEANSQUAD. My mission since day 1 has been simple: Help ANYONE and EVERYONE live a healthier, leaner life that is FUN & ENJOYABLE!

Since starting, I have helped 1,000's of people transform their lives all while being a Dad to my beautiful boy Hudson & our newborn twins Boden & Preston.

I don't believe in spending hours and hours in the gym or following restrictive diets. Instead, believe the only way to live a healthy life for ever is by having fun, enjoying our foods, and really making sure it suits our lifestyle.

The Efficient Workouts, Tasty Food, and Instant Support is the successful recipe behind the LEANSQUAD. Even during quarantine, with out newborn twins, I have been able to stay on track through the short, body weight workouts, healthy, easy recipes and the constant support and motivation from 100's of Squadies all across the world doing it with me!

So, if you want to come out of quarantine feeling healthier, happier and more motivated than ever then PLEASE JOIN ME!