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30 Day Challenge

Save 30% with code LEANFALL30.

Start Date: October 12, 2020


Quick 30 Minute Workouts.
No Equipment.

5 Workouts per week.

2 Recovery Days per Week.

All workouts focus on bodyweight exercises so you won't be needing any equipment.

I do have some bonus dumbbell finishers if you do have access to weights and want to push it a little more.

I'm right there with you

You're sweating. I'm sweating.

It's all about getting lean together!

You'll never be alone on your journey.

Plus, you'll have access to our Exclusive Slack group with thousands of squadies to help motivate each other!

Tasty Leansquad Recipes

No boring food here!

As a husband and father of 3, I need my meals to be fast, easy-to-prepare and tasty.

You'll become a Master Leansquad Chef in the kitchen.

Just look at those Cheesy Zucchini Nachos!

You'll receive meal ideas like that one.

Here's how YOU could feel!

The Leansquad Formula

30 Minute Workouts

Leansquad Community

Tasty Meals

Ready? Let's Do This!

No more excuses.

It's time to put yourself first!

Join me on this 30 Day Challenge and become the next Superstar Squadie!

Don't Forget to save 30% with Code LEANFALL30.

Still have Questions?

We have Answers.

I have existing injuries. Can I still do this?

YES! I played professional rugby so I had my fair share of injuries. I'll make sure to adjust the workouts to accommodate any of your existing injuries.


I have specific food restrictions like allergies and/or I'm vegan/vegetarian. Do you still have meals for me?

Absolutely! If you have any restrictions, I'll make sure to send you meals that suit you.


Do I need any equipment?

No! My 30 day challenge focuses on bodyweight exercises so you don't need expensive equipment. If you do have access to equipment, you can certainly incorporate them into the workouts but it is not a requirement.

Just bring a smile and a positive attitude. :)


I'm a total beginner and have very little workout experience. Is this program right for me?

YES! This plan is designed for beginners all the way up to fitness veterans. The beautiful thing about the Leansquad 30 Day Challenge is that you can adjust the intensity to suit your current level.

I also try and offer multiple variations so if you want to try the more advanced exercise, you have the option!


How much weight can I expect to lose?

This is always a tough question to answer. It depends on too many factors to give a precise answer. Instead of focusing on a number, I prefer to focus on following the Leansquad system of staying consistent with workouts, proper recovery and stretching, eating right, getting enough sleep.

Save 30% with Code "LEANFALL30"