Start your Transformation Today!

30 Days of Leanmas

It's that time again!

During the Winter & the Holiday Season it is more important than ever to take care ourselves. Making sure we are healthy, both mentally and physically, will ensure we make the MOST of this Holiday season!

Let's make the commitment to get active as much as possible, while enjoying the Ho-LEAN-Days...

This is MORE than just a Workout Challenge

It’s your daily support, motivation and community to transform your body and confidence.

It's tough to stay on track with your fitness and nutrition goals by yourself.

If you've been feeling like you're stuck in a rut, low on motivation or tired, this challenge is for you.

Motivational Workouts

You gotta burn some to earn some.πŸ”₯

Let me motivate you daily with my follow-along video workouts.

Stop struggling to find that elusive motivation.

No guesswork on what you should do. Just hit play and follow along as I complete the day's workout with you!

βœ” Workouts are only 30 minutes a day and emailed daily
βœ” Follow-Along style workout videos to ensure you stay motivated and energized
βœ” Recovery days to rest your body and stretch
βœ” No equipment needed! Pure bodyweight exercises


Eating right never tasted so good! 🀩

As a husband and father of 3, speed and simplicity are KEY.

My meal plans accommodate ANY type of diet and restrictions.

βœ” Super Tasty, Fast & Easy to Make
βœ” 10 Recipes the whole family will love!
βœ” Pre-Calculated Macronutrients and Portion Sizes
βœ” Includes Desserts, Burgers, Nachos, Pancakes and other tasty faves!


When you join one of my 30 Day Challenges, not only do you become a squadie but you also become a part of the strong community of other people doing the same challenge.

That means we all get to sweat and succeed together during the challenge.

βœ” Get the Support & Motivation you need
βœ” Connect with other Squadies during the challenge
βœ” Ask Questions, Share Results & Stay Motivated
βœ” Instant Message Support with Phil & the Leansquad Team

How does it work?

Step 1

Sign up for the 30 Day Challenge and mark your calendars for the start date: November 30th.

Step 2

You will receive your onboarding packet via email outlining the calendar, instructions on accessing the private text group and your 10 leanmazing meal recipes.

Step 3

Wait for your daily emails to hit your inbox every morning with the video workout of the day or recovery session.

Hit play, follow along and do your best!

What's Included in this challenge?

βœ… ALL NEW Bodyweight Workouts & Leancovery Sessions

  • βœ… Special Holiday Schedule to work around your events
  • Β 
  • βœ… Virtual Lean-Mas Party
  • Β 
  • βœ… Brand New Tasty Holiday Recipes

  • Β 
  • βœ… NEW Dumbbell Finishers (totally optional)

  • Β 
  • βœ… The same LEANMAZING Community in our Exclusive Text Group to keep you Motivated and Accountable
  • Β 
  • βœ… A Live Zoom Call with me, Phil Mackenzie, to discuss your goals or answer your burning questions

Still on the Fence?

You could be our next star squadie transformation! 🀩

This video will inspire you!

I've Trained 1,000s of Squadies.

When someone joins the Leansquad, they usually come back for more...and more.


Because they see results.

The results come from the fact that my 30 Day Challenges are COMPLETE and EFFECTIVE.

Nothing is left out.

Fitness. Recovery. Nutrition. Community. Support.

The other squadies in the challenge are here to support YOU.

I'm here FOR YOU.

You WILL get results from this challenge.

Time is running out before it starts...


Finish 2020 strong.
Join me on the challenge.